A Note from Kayla: 4 Day Weeks

A Note from Kayla: 4 Day Weeks

Jan 25, 2024

After our winter break, we reopened Enlightened Beauty with a four-day workweek. We are alternating our weeks by Tuesday-Friday one week and Wednesday-Saturday the following week. These days are longer than we've done in the past, with two days being 10am to 8pm and the other two days being 8am to 6pm with 90-minute lunch breaks built in each day from 1pm-2:30pm.

I am writing this as we close out our third week of 2024, and I can tell you that it has been an adjustment period. We are getting used to working longer days throughout the week, and we are realizing our longer weekends give us much more rest time.

We’ve noticed that we are more productive while at work and seem to be more connected to our guests while they are visiting us, as well as with each other as a team. It’s allowing our team to get every other Saturday and Tuesday off while still having the amount of availability for our guests throughout the week that works for all of us.

As the owner of Enlightened Beauty, I have wanted to try four-day work weeks for quite a while, and coming back from our Winter Break was the perfect time to take the test drive. Many European countries and both East and West Coast companies I have researched have experienced and reported a healthier work/life balance, higher company morale, and happier clients and team members.

We are excited to see how many other benefits we see as this schedule progresses into 2024.

We are also working on a schedule for you all to be able to reference on our website, as well as signage on our front door. It will resemble what the recycling schedule looks like if you live in the Fargo/Moorhead metro area, showing what days we are open that specific week. Hang tight, my friends. A simple way to check our schedule is coming soon!

In addition to the four-day work week, we will be posting our available appointment opportunities every Sunday or Monday each week. These available times will be for that current week coming up.

We aim to make things as simple and transparent as possible, just like we try to do with everything here at Enlightened Beauty. We look forward to a beautiful 2024 with all of you! Until the next blog, stay safe, warm, and happy out there.